Ad Packages

Life is expensive. Having horses is expensive! Sitting behind the computer creating inspiring posts on facebook and blogging does not earn me a pay check, so I have opted to advertise for select companies, individuals, and products. Reins For Renewal has a Fan base of 3,300 + people on Facebook and reaches over 50,000 there weekly. This blog page has more than 5,000 hits in a day. Because Twitter has its own set of followers, I’m also learning how to “tweet”! 🙂

I am currently seeking those with equine related businesses and products to advertise here. If you are interested in advertising here, please send an email to; I look forward to visiting with you!

Ad Packages are as follows:

Tile Ad Only-$30 for 30 days

Tile Ad + 1 Facebook post-$45 for 30 days

Tile Ad + 1 Facebook post/Week-$60 dollars for 30 days

Tile Ad + 1 Faceook post/Week + 1 Tweet/Week-$75 for 30 days

Tile Ad + 1 Facbook post/week + 1 Tweet/Week + 1 Blog post-$150 for 30 days

To pay for your ads please click here;

Thank you for your support! You Ad dollars aid Reins For Renewal in reaching people & their horses!

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