About Lisa

IMG_3625As a child, I remember playing with plastic horses while my sisters played with Barbies. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fasinated by the horse and the power he holds. I came by my desire to have a horse naturally, as my Father always had a horse around. My fondest memories as a child were riding behind him on the back of a horse to check on the neighbors cattle. To this day, my Father still farms with horses-two Belgin mares. This “horse thing” seems to be in your blood……

As I grew up, horses became only a dream as I worked, went to school, then got married and began a family. When my daughter was 10, I finally talked my husband into getting her a horse for Christmas. We went from 1-4 pretty quick! We all started riding and enjoyed time together on horseback.

About 2 years into our new family adventure, I saw Reining. I fell in love and wanted to learn more. My husband purchased my first reining horse BH Jessie for me and off we went! I took lessons from Sherman Tegtimer and found success early on. After riding for a few months, I decided that two was better than one and purchased a second horse. Within a year, I was hauling, riding, and showing 3 horses. My horses never stayed with a trainer but I worked hard to learn the ways of a Reiner! I’ve ridden with some of the industries finest, (Al Dunning, Todd Crawford, Shawn Flarida, Susan Tullock, Sherman Tegtimer, Sean Johnson, Mark Gratney, Kerry Kuhn, to name a few) and have learned a great deal from them all.

My hard work paid off when I won my first Amatuer World Championship and Reserve World Open Championship in 2009. Among many other accompishments, I also qualifed 3 horses for the NRHA Rookie of The Year Affilate Championship. My list of acheivements was growing and my competitive nature was really starting to surface. I began to struggle on the inside. As a former Parelli Student, I often found myself struggling with the “natural” approach and the show-world approach. My horses were winning and I was learning at a very high rate of speed, but something was missing…..

Today, I am amazed at how God used those horses and the show world to show me the worked that needed to be done in my heart. I am so thankful that God used horses to teach me, reach me, and heal me. Everyday they touch my heart and I still stand in awe of how God talks to us through the things we love.

While I am still enjoy a trip in the show pen, and have added NCHA Cutting to my list my accomplishments, I’ve come to realize that my confidence and worth is not equal to my peformance. It has become my hearts desire to encourage women and help them overcome the same issues and strongholds that I have. It’s been quite a journey and I can’t wait to see what God has in store!

I am now a wife of 16 years and have 4 children. Alexis is my one and only daughter, then Zakre, Zane, & Zeke. God blessed me beyond measure the day I married my husband Doug. We make up DAZZLE Family Farm and together we farm in Central Kansas. The boys are just like their father and enjoy the dirt-more than the horses! I am crossing my fingers that my youngest two boys will be Cutters, but only time will tell…..


4 Responses to About Lisa

  1. Kay Ripley says:

    Lisa I played with Barbies and plastic horses! I believe that through our love for horses God can show us many things and he has used them greatly in my life to do just that. I did not make it to the major competition but showed horses on the local levels. I competed in barrel, poles, and then had a horse fall on me shattering my lower leg. Laid me up for over a year. I was scared to go fast anymore and I was so afraid of them falling again. Short story…I started back showing in Western Pleasure and English. God rewarded me greatly in these . I do not show anymore but trail ride now instead. And like you said time will tell on your boys… Thank you for your story and this Reins For Renewal Bible Study. God bless

    • Thank you so much for your comment! God has been so very good to me. I am in awe of how he uses the things (animals) we love to touch us and teach us. Not really sure where I would be had my horses not come along!

      • Kay Ripley says:

        I so agree! I thank God that I am still able to have a horse in my life. I can’t imagine my life without one…and like you God showed me many things while I competed as attitude issues, pride and patience…Wow. I have a deep love for horses which I believe is God given. When I get to heaven I hope that I will have a horse as well. God does teach us much through our love for animals or many other things if we just listen ❤

  2. kareneklund says:

    God put the love in my heart for horses ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl, I wore out the knees in my jeans from crawling around pretending to be a horse. My head still turns every time I see a horse trailer so I can see what is in the trailer. I’m just a horse nut, and I don’t know why God put that love in my heart. I love the relationship with my horses and love it when I see the kindness in their eyes.

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