Chapter 6~ What’s on Your Mind

“Position God as the Gate-Keeper of your thoughts. Ask him to condition your brain to think positively. To capture lies. To hope. To change.” ~Jo Ann Fore 

The mind is a tricky thing. Especially for a woman! One minute you can be having positive thoughts and life is good, then a few minutes later, you’re down on life and nothing is right. Can you relate? It’s amazing the lies we believe-if only for a moment. But what’s even more amazing is how they take root and seem to grow. Based on our life’s experiences we may struggle with thoughts like, “I’m a throw-away. No one would ever want me.”, “I’m not pretty enough.” “I’m too fat.” “It’s all my fault”. It’s difficult to capture those thoughts and throw them aside. Somehow we seem to ponder on them….and they grow. “…negative thought patterns can become habits, training our behaviors as they dominate and run our brains. Eventually we sink into these habits, and our brains get stuck in this antagonistic place…” (pg. 114)

As I was studying & thinking about all the things I think about (good & bad) I came across these two links by Joyce Meyers. I hope you will take the time to listen. I promise you that if you take time to listen, you will find her segments compliment our chapter this week very well! I’d love to hear (in the comment section) what you learned! 😉

Joyce Meyers-Think Like God Thinks Pt. 1

Joyce Meyers-Think Like God Thinks Pt. 2



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