Chapter 2~ Outside the Garden-What are you burying?

“Hiding won’t protect our hearts forever. ~Jo Ann Fore

When A Woman Finds Her Voice page 37


It’s amazing isn’t it? How easily we can bury our “stuff”. The hurt, the pain…it’s much easier to hide when we just bury it. Words that were spoken in hate or anger. Or perhaps words that were never spoken at all. Maybe some of your pain is from nasty posts someone puts on facebook that are full of lies and hate but directed toward you.  Our pain can come in the form of memories we’d like to bury so deep no one would ever be able to find them. Perhaps your pain has left you with physcial scars that you can’t avoid looking at day in and day out. I don’t know about you, but it’s been much easier for me to deal with hurt, disappointment, let down, and bad memories by just burying them. The further I bury them, the less I have to deal with them. The deeper they are, the less likely they are to grow. Or so, I’ve thought…..

This chapter was a little challenging for me. Jo Ann brought up a lot of truths in this chapter that really made me stop and think. One of them, “Life as a poser we understand. But the day the desire to become what we had only pretended to be wages war against our pretender-selves-That is the day real life begins.” , helped me realize that by burying all my “stuff” I’m less authenic to my peers, my followers, and even my family then I’d ever thought. When she called me a “poser” I had to stop and take a breath! I strive VERY hard in my life to be REAL. Afterall, I KNOW that I don’t want to hang out with or be around fake women. Our world is full of them and I’ve always thought I was different. But guess what..?? I’m not. Until now, I’ve been just like them. I’ve wanted to have a spit-shined image and everyone think that I’ve got it all together, when in fact, I have NOTHING together! I’m a mother of 4 children that I worry about, pray for, love, clean up after, help with homework, play nurse for, along with a dozen other things. My house is totally lived in. It’s not a museum-although there are days-plenty of them-I wish it were. I own more horses than I care to post (yes it’s under 15), and they take a lot of time and care. My life is full of facebook posts that have been especially difficult for me to write lately, so I have just posted pictures. (I know…. I know….) I’ve been wrestling with so much STUFF lately, that I haven’t taken the time to realize that everything I’m truly wrestling with is all the stuff I’ve buried! And ya’ll, I’ll be the first to admit…. I do NOT want to dig up any of it! But with God’s help, I know I can. (I feel a big nudge…..)

What part of this chapter spoke to you? Are you ready to dig up your “stuff” and let God help you sift through it? He never said we had to do this alone. And maybe (if you’re like me) you’ve been motivated to bury it because you felt like you were alone. But God knows it’s there. He knows what’s holding up back and what we have to let go of and give to him.

What words did you highlight in your book this week?

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