Chapter 1~When Silence Fell

“Like weeds in a garden, Satan loves planting lies that choke out truth. And he’s thrilled when the weeds bloom so cute that it’s hard for us to tell the difference, hard to tell they are lies until they’ve already taken root.” ~Jo Ann Fore, When a Woman Finds Her Voice (page 19)


When I was a girl, my family had a big garden. It was the job of my sister’s and I to help plant the garden, pull weeds, water it, and help harvest the produce when the time was right. I can remember complaining about pulling weeds. We all did. But it was neccessary in order for the garden to grow and produce enough food for my mother to can and put away for the winter.

I love the words of Ann that are at the top of the page. The concept of lies being like weeds is a great visual. The truth she shares in that statement is overhelming at best. I don’t know about you, but I’ve, without a doubt, allowed those “weeds” to take root and they’ve certainly choked out my voice-my literal voice, my writing voice, my sharing voice, my praying voice, my reading…. they’ve choked out the very gifts God has given me. Afterall, isn’t that what Satan wants? When we attach these “weeds” to our emotions (and about all women do!) the impact is powerful. We fall silent. Our voices become silent in so many areas of our lives. We entertain thoughts of worthlessness, emptiness, and unhappiness.

“Emotional wounds have their own convincing language, and too often we make decisions based on the voices of those wounds. It’s a survival code, a coping mechanism of sorts. …We aren’t always aware that we make these crippling covenants, but this is the sort of thing that happens when we allow our emotions to make our decisions.” (page 19)

Have you ever made emotional decisions based on hurt? Did the decison you make reflect the weeds you allowed to grow in your garden of life? It’s amazing how when I reflect on a few decisions I’ve made, I get an overwhelming feeling of stupidity! Why in the middle of my “messes ” have I make a decision based on the weeds in my life, not thinking about the produce of my life that is yet to come? I am constantly telling women to STOP making emotional decisions when it comes to their horses. When in all honesty, it’s not JUST about the horse-it’s a reflection of what’s going on in life. Horse’s don’t lie. They tell on us all the time. And if we tune in and listen, they will always tell us where we are struggling. (Once again, we can see how our horses bring out the most emotional parts of us.)

“God is greater than our feelings, more powerful than our wandering minds and insecure hearts.” (page 23)

I highlighted this italic print in my book and circled it. I’ve GOT to get this inscribed on my heart and in my head. We have so much power in our faith, yet we are so quick to choke it out with lies, mean words, bad FB posts, bad memories, regret, etc.  We’ve GOT to get a handle on our thoughts and begin to BELIEVE in the power of our thoughts and words! We ARE daughters of the King!

“Every day we have a choice, and the choices we make dicate our future. Will we focus on our weaknesses, powerlessness, or will we look for opportunities to implement and experience change? (page 25)

Change is hard. There is no doubt. Finding the life that God has for us is a DAILY choice. We will have bad days, but we will also have good. Jesus promised he would never leave us or foresake us. We’ve got to quit going to our “default” of silence and go His word. We’ve got to stop rolling around in self-pity and pray! I know it’s hard. I’ve been struggling with it too. But NOW-as in TODAY-is the time to make a change! I don’t want to feel like I have been the last several months, for the rest of my life. And guess what? My husband can’t do this for me, my kids can’t do this for, only I can. I can’t do this alone. It’s heavy and it hurts. I can only begin to pull those weeds and prune my garden with His help. Sometimes change is good!

A great place to start is by answering the questions on page 27-28. Write down the answers in your journal! STUDY page 21-22. Practice redirecting your thoughts and reframing your thinking with scripture.

Please comment below on this chapter. What words did you highlight? What did God reveal to you while you were reading?

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