I normally post on Wednesday, but today I wanted to post just on the Introduction. There were some things that really spoke to me.

You see, I’m a “words girl”. I love words. I enjoy writing them, speaking them, reading them, and searching for new words I haven’t yet used. Words build me up, but they also tear me down. Gary Smalley would say that my love language is words of affirmation. Sometimes I’m guilty of being dependent on the kind words of others. I am also guilty of letting negative/nasty words wound me to the core. Because I’m human, I’m sure I’ve even said some words that should have never been spoken. Perhaps my very own words have hurt others in the same fashion I’ve been hurt. I’ve been in a bit of “hiding” the last several months making my words few so that I didn’t risk being punished by the words of someone else. Maybe that’s why this book tugged at my heart. Perhaps it was the words “finding her voice” on the cover that drew me in. Today when I read  page 2 of this book, it  grabbed me and kinda shook me.

Jo Ann wrote, “Or those times when others made you feel worth-less and inferior, pumping up their ego at the price of your self worth. This battle for our voice is intense. We want freedoms. To feel joy. We want to matter. But our worlds are loud, filled with friends, family, and co-workers as well as social demands and outside negative influences.” It’s like this page has been written on my heart. The desire I have had for my words to be heard has been smashed by the words of others and all the noise that goes with being on a public platform. I have not been prepared for the unkind words of others, the lies, and blasts on social media. It has also been the lack of words that haunt me too. The unspoken “I love you” from my husband (he’s not a words guy) or my dad. It’s a feeling of never being good enough simply because no one ever TOLD me I was.  It’s also the criticism that lies in a look with no words at all. Perhaps it’s words that I’ve spoken that have fallen on deaf ears.  And then Jo Ann speaks even more truth to me- “And in the midst of all this noise, we tend to lose the voices that matter most-both our own and that of God who whispers to our hearts.” Amen to that, huh!?
Reading over to page 5, I love the italic print near the bottom. “True emotional healing lies somewhere between intentional choices and divine intervention, a junction of surrender, faith, trust, and action.” There’s that word- action. She didn’t say stuffing, or hiding, or ignoring. She said “surrender, faith, trust, and ACTION.”

I have a feeling this is going to be tough, but are you with me? Will you walk in the dark with me so we can learn to surrender, have faith, trust in God (not in ourselves or in the words of others), and take action? In the comment section below, tell me what part(s) of the Introduction spoke to you. Did you highlight anything?



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4 Responses to Introduction

  1. Beth Porter says:

    I love this & I needed this one. Thank you for inviting me to join you on this journey.

  2. Thanks for joining us Beth!

  3. dbarrow99 says:

    Can I highlight the entire intro? I have always felt like I wasn’t good enough, like what I had to say didn’t matter. The two quotes that stood out to me the most are…. “While silence can be serene and comforting when we need a break from daily living, silencing who we are, our internal voices, weakens our ability to connect heart-to-heart with others.” I am definitely a loner always have been and have a hard time opening up to people, I’ve just always thought it was simply who I am. However after reading this perhaps I have created this barrier by hiding my true self. The second quote I should probably use as a positive affirmation and recite it daily 🙂 “You aren’t alone. Unworthy. Powerless. You are important in Gods eyes. You aren’t defined by what has happened to you, or even you own wrong choices; these things will not destroy you. You are loved. Needed. And what you have to say is valuable.”!!!!

  4. Amen! dbarrow99-thanks for sharing! You’re on to something here. Print those words and hang them where you will see them everyday! 😉 I’m so glad you’re walking through this with us!

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