Chapter 12~Peace-NOW

I am amazed at God’s perfect timing. Amazing how we read the last few chapters in our book right before Christmas. God’s timing is always perfect. In every way. Right down to the chapters we read in a book…

During the Christmas season, we often hear the word “peace”. It’s often mentioned when people say all they want is world peace for Christmas.  I think when we hear the word we think of a having no trouble. We say the word peace in sentences that often imply that any trouble happening would end. However, clearly peace isn’t about trouble ending. It’s about knowing God is in control no matter the circumstance. No matter what the trouble. No matter what is going on around us or in our lives that is bad. Our chapter pointed out that Jesus gave the disciples peace in the middle of a on-coming circumstance. He wanted them to feel at peace during a very hard part of life. I never really thought about the cruxification in the way that Jonathan illustrated. I never saw the disciples as losing a loved one. I hadn’t thought about all the stress they must have felt as Jesus was taken, beaten, and nailed to a cross. I mean…I’ve always felt sorry for them, but never really took into account how they had to deal with so many stressful events all at once. Jonathan opened my eyes to the fact that the last supper may not have been this quiet, proper meal. Now I can see how the disciples must have reacted to his words and to each other. I never thought about how Jesus must have had to calm the room because of hard feelings and confusion. I have to admit, I’ve been apart of a dinner or two I wish someone would have been able to calm the room and give those at the table some peace.

peace 2

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt the hand on my shoulder. I’ve heard God tell me that everything was going to be alright. Things may not have worked out the way I wanted, but looking back, they always did work out. God’s plans are not always the same as our plans.

“Your problem may be that your heart feels like raw hamburger; your circumstances feel like a storm at Cape Canaveral, and you don’t see any way out. Sometimes it feels that it might be easier to just give in. Why trust Him when He lets us go through this stuff? Why not just deny HIm, betray Him, or just give up? Well, for one thing-let’s be practical it wouldn’t do any good. You would still have to have a lot of hard stuff to go through, without the resources God provides.” (pg. 144)

“Take another look at the wonderful promise of John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you.” He is not talking about the initial peace of salvation and having your sins forgiven. It is a glorious peace that fills the heart of the person who is fully yielded to Jesus, the inner peace owned by the person who is living within the will of God. This is the peace that calms your fears and eases the extreme turmoil. This is the peace that passes understanding.” (pg. 144)

What area of your life needs peace?

Let me encourage you today to seek the peace that only God can provide. It’s an everlasting peace, a peace that passes all understanding. This Christmas season let’s get good at being still and knowing that He is God. ( Psalm 46:10)

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