Chapter 10~When Temptation Meets Endurance

marathon“Life is not a sprint-it’s a marathon.” ~When I saw the title to this chapter, I saw the word Endurance. When I read the word endurance, I always think “race”. Do you? I think of athletes and horses that cover long distances or miles. I think of how long something takes-that it’s not about being fast, but consistent and steady. We are living at such a high rate of speed, I think we often forget that this life isn’t about how fast we go, it’s all about how we finish the race.

Our book this week talked about the time Jesus spent in the wilderness and was tempted by Satan. If you’re reading this blog today, I’m sure you can relate to being tempted. I think it’s something we battle everyday. Each time we make a decision or take action. Each morning when we get out of bed. Jonathan points out that Satan tempts us in the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives. His tactics haven’t changed. He’s been using the same stuff for years! For centuries! However, we are still succumb by it daily. I think we can all account for times when we’ve given in to temptation and failed. We probably remember failing much more than we remember conquering. Remembering that when we fall into temptation we are NOT stuck there is critical. 1 John 1:9 tells us that, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.” We don’t have to continue to live in that sin.

As I closed my book at the end of this chapter, I knew once again that Jesus made real for us the way he wants  us to conduct ourselves in this life. And while we are not perfect and we fall short of his glory, he gave us such perfect scenarios to live by. Taking this walk through the first part of His 1000 Days of Ministry, has opened my eyes to stories I’ve read time and time again. But now, they have new meaning. How about you?

In the comment section below answer the following:

1.)  When you give in to temptation, how do you feel afterward? When you resist temptation, how do you feel?

2.) What are some of the biggest temptations facing you, and what’s your typical pattern of response?

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