Chapter 4~The Offer: Supreme Happiness

Java PrintingSupreme happiness…As I sit and wonder what supreme happiness would look like for me, I also wonder what it would like for those around me. Society has helped us develop a slogan that says, “It’s all about me”. I’ve seen those words printed on T-shirts for young people. It’s the way we talk. It shows up in the desires of our hearts. I bet if we were truly honest, supreme happiness would include material things and increased amounts of money. How would you answer someone if they asked you what it would take for you to find supreme happiness?

This chapter was a real eye opener for me. Jonathan really made some strong points for each one of the Beatitudes. It was great to study how words that we use in our everyday language have a meaning that’s different from how we use it. Maybe it was how he painted a picture with his words that really helped those words burn on my heart. How did the meanings of the words used in the Beatitudes affect you?

I think he summed this chapter up really well on page 47.

Living By the Principles That Produce Happiness

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I depending on God for everything?

2. Am I sensitive to sin in my life and in this world?

3. Am I constantly focused on God’s will for my life?

4. Am I hungry to get to know God better every day?

5. Am I living a life that’s selfless, wanting everyone to win?

6. Am I living with pure motives in my heart?

7. Am I passionate to recruit others to God and to living His way?

8. Am I committed that no matter how hard it gets, I will never quit?

Ask forgiveness of God in the areas where your life falls down. Give control to your Savior. Resolve to grow in the principles where you need improvement. The result of living this way is really no secret at all; it’s simply happiness.

I would like to challenge you to print these questions out and hang them where you will see them the most. A bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, or in your car. As you continue your work week, pray and ask God for guidance and strength in the areas you struggle. If you’re like me, you may be able to answer “Yes” to a few of those questions, but more are answered with a “No.” Remember that you signed up for this study to grow. God is calling each of us to stretch and grow in Him. We are living in a time that we need to grow closer to Him.

In the comment section below, tell me how you felt about this chapter. Does it make you look at the Beatitudes differently?

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2 Responses to Chapter 4~The Offer: Supreme Happiness

  1. Karenlee says:

    Loved this chapter! Having the meaning of the words intended by Christ changes everything. I feel to often we diminish what God says to us. We seem to view everything based on our own problems, world, issues. Therefore, we may not think deeply, or outside the box of our own reality as to how else could this be intended for comprehension. Time can also alter word’s meanings.
    Knowing how Christ meant the words really gives me even more of a picture of the how simply, yet determined we should be for our fellow sojourners in this world who are without direction. There is far more to this knowing Christ and His plan for us than what we really know I believe…We have filled it up with other stuff we’re focusing on instead.

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