Chapter 3~ Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

I don’t like fish. I never have. I’m a Kansas girl-wife of a farfishers of menmer. I prefer beef to any other type of meat. Being a fisherman isn’t something I can even pretend to understand. Sounds pretty gross to me….  I can remember, like it was yesterday, sitting in Sunday School and singing, “I will make you fishers of men if you follow me…..” I don’t think I realized at the tender age of 5, what exactly that meant, but I’m pretty sure I was digging the fact I wasn’t singing, “I will make you fishers of fish….”

I’ve had the quote, “God doesn’t always call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” hanging around my house for the last couple years. It’s something I read when I start feeling a bit down about life. I’m a plodder. You see, I was never the homecoming queen-although both my sisters were. I was not voted “most likely to succeed” by my classmates either. I never finished college, so I don’t have a bachelors degree. I’ve spent my time with children and horses. As a wife, mother, coach, and teacher, I now find myself weaving my life experiences into riding and training horses. And helping women with their horse problems-or helping horses with their woman’s problems. It’s not a vocation that pays the bills, but the pure joy and excitement has me hooked. It’s a call that I’ve heard in my ears and feel in my heart. I believe that every thing that has happened in my life has brought me to where I am today. Because God uses ALL of it (yes-even the painful stuff) to reach woman who are poor, brokenhearted, captive, and blind. And the GREATEST part for me is that…..he gave me a horse to help me with my mission.

I loved this chapter. In fact, I think I will read it again. And again. I’ve read the stories of the disciples many times. I’ve sat in church and listened to Pastors preach about how these men were ordinary, but for some reason, that never reached me as deep as this chapter did. Jonathan did an excellent job at pointing out what EACH disciple was like BEFORE Jesus called him. But he also pointed out what each disciple was like during and after that call. The disciples each struggled with their own set of issues. Much like you and me. And I’m sure that just as we wake up each morning looking for a new day, a new chance to start over and make a difference, so did they. I bet they put their pants on one-leg-at-a-time just like we do. Clearly Peter said things he shouldn’t have (that would be me….) and Judas loved money more than Christ himself. I’m enjoying the fact that these people-these Jesus followers-were HUMAN. They were just like you and me.

fisherman 3Although I don’t know anything about fishing (and that’s just fine by me!), I’m learning what being a “fisher of men” is all about. At the age of 39, I will admit, I’ve often wondered if there is “more” to this life. I wonder about security as the world defines it, but I know in my heart that God holds my future in his hands. I can look back at my un-perfect past and know that is a fact. He’s been with me through all the ups and downs and I pray that he will continue to guide me. I’ve come to grips with the fact that a bachelors degree wouldn’t help me be the person that God is calling me to be. I’m learning that laying my net down and following him is where the satisfaction is at. No matter how society puts it, my life was never intended to revolve around ME. God gave each of us life so that we could serve him by serving others.

I don’t know what God is calling you to do. But whatever it is, rest assured that just like the disciples he chose, you too will be extraordinary when you drop your net and follow him.

“To start, you need to put your trust in Jesus as Savior, dropping whatever it is you are holding on to, and just start following wherever He decides to lead you. In this, you will begin an adventure that includes forgiveness, purpose, fulfillment, and rest for your soul. As you are transformed, your part in changing the world will involve living the life that matters, being a small light in your corner of the world.” (page 35)

In the comment section below, please answer the following questions:


1.)  In what senses are you an ordinary person?

2.)  Why do you think Jesus mostly chose common people to follow Him?

3.)  How can God take your life and make it count for eternity?

This blog is based on the book 1000 Days-The Ministry of Christ

by Jonathan Falwell

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5 Responses to Chapter 3~ Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

  1. Beverly says:

    I just received my book on Thursday and I’ve caught up to chapter 3 now.
    I am awestruck by God! Today he showed me 1 Cor 1:27 twice. How powerful are these words that God chooses foolishness and weakness to shame the wise and strong. To think that God can even use me is so humbling. Even my small light can be used. I only need to drop what I’m clinging to, trust Jesus and allow Him to guide me to fulfillment and rest for my soul. I’m looking forward to more of Jesus as we read this book together.

  2. Karenlee says:

    Ordinary ~ I knew I was an ordinary person since I could walk. Life seemed to always be full of “love” , so I took it as that ~ love. Not knowing what “Love” was, I attached my meaning to it until I found Jesus Christ MUCH later in life. Life was a struggle in so many ways, for so many days. To name a few, many days I thanked God just for my life. Serenity of my environment. Safety in the current storm physically and mentally. Food, no matter how minimal, or tasty. “Friends” that were sincere (although few.) I never dreamt or desired more than the basics. I was just glad to be here and looked forward to maybe just a little more happiness in my soul. I seemed to be the only person like this..
    An ordinary person I believe is how we ALL are born. From that point we are conditioned, trained, raised differently depending on our environment, social status, beliefs and need and own desires. God allowed us to be born, and we were created in His image, with the innate desire to know Him. In our humanness we get “off-track” we implement our own “have-to’s”, have-to-be’s.” and focus on the wrong things to bring us through life and stray from the original intended design in what we call success. That being, money, fame, prestige, big house, car, CEO/CFO., and on & on the list goes depending on what idols lured you. No longer are we satisfied with fulfillment in the small, simple and lovely things God provided ie: health, being content, fearing Our Creator, being safe, nature, a meal to share with family, friends, strangers, and many more. God intended to mold & shape us and have us desire to follow & worship Him. We also were given free will to choose right from wrong. God never intended to “MAKE” us conform to His laws just because He is who He is…. Therefore, I believe He choose the ordinary people because that was His plan based on Commandment #1. “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Ordinary people although are not perfect or without error of their ways, usually seek to know who gave them this gift of life as little as it might be. Willing to grow, simply listen to their Maker and obey beyond themselves.
    How can God take my life and make it count for eternity? I don’t know exactly, but He does know! I am (certainly) a work in progress! I catch glimpses here and there for which I am thankful !! But He never promised me a look into the future, just enough light for the next step in life and this is where I am, on a step with faith & promise on my way to be with Him in Heaven ~

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    Loving! studying The Word!

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