Chapter 2~ Jesus Close-up

swimming“It’s not about salvation; it’s about truly becoming the God-followers He intends us to be. It’s about finding His purpose for us and thus satisfaction for our inner restlessness.”

In this chapter of our book, Jonathan encourages us to take a plunge. He laid out a beautiful description of us taking a hike and getting hot, sweaty, and exhausted. As he described how dry and cracked our lips were and the feeling of dizziness that was coming, I could almost feel the plunge in the cool water of the crystal clear pool he led us to. As the swim began to cool down our body, I could feel the restoration of power and a new enthusiasm about the hike. Most importantly, I could sense the change in my brain as I went from being discouraged to exhilarated! It focus is often drained and we lose our zest for life. We can at times find something to plunge into making our hike a bit more interesting and fun, but it doesn’t seem to last….

“The mission that started in the Nazareth synagogue is the mission we are about today. The way Jesus would impact His barren culture is the way we are to impact ours. His mission of mercy of mercy is to be our focus too.” (page 19) As we take the plunge together in this book, I am excited about the change of focus and heart this is going to come. Are you ready? Are you ready to accept the invitation to make His mission your mission? Are you ready to make His rest your rest?


1.)  How does Jesus’ mission speak to our deepest needs, to what He wants to do in us and through us for our world?

2.) “Jesus is the answer”. What does this mean in your life?

Please answer the 2 answers above in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to Chapter 2~ Jesus Close-up

  1. Karenlee says:

    I believe (of course) God intended for Jesus’ ministry to start when it did; exactly! God prepared His Son, Jesus to feel, grow, learn, hurt, see.. .in mortal form to put in perspective what would be ahead for Him when the time was right to set the example to show/lead other’s.
    At that time society DID believe in the scriptures but, were actually being mislead from God’s true design because of (for one)Pharisee “rules”. So, the time was made right for Jesus’ entry to the world to correct them from going further astray.
    I feel that we either aren’t taking Him and His Word seriously… or we just want to alter what we do read and/or feel the Word says to make it more “comfortable”, if you will, for our lives. Because for one, it is outdated for our time right? A big boo-boo!!
    In a nutshell I feel the Word has basic commands and examples. If you want to really live by them, an individual has to be willing to read the Word, pray to receive an understanding how to apply it, and with true desire put it into action. Which to me says: God first in thought, all actions with prayer continually. LOVE! LOVE other’s, everyone before yourself (as hard as this is)and don’t look anywhere but to Him for help, guidance, answers.

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