When You Want Something More-Chapter 1

climbingDo you ever feel like life is one big mountain climb after another? Sometimes it feels like we climb and climb and never reach the top. Other times, it seems that we’ve reached the top, only to feel ourselves falling down the side. There are jagged edges that wound us, cutting deep into our being. On occasion we can look around and enjoy the scenery, taking in a slow deep breath.

As our book opens, Jonathan Falwell tells the story of a husband and wife who love to climb mountains. When asked why they climbed mountains, the wife replied, “Because we are always restless.” Does that sound like you? It sure sounds like me! And while I’m not climbing an actual mountain, it seems I’m constantly on a journey to “find the next thing”. I’ve often wondered WHY I’m like this. I was born to creative mother, and have often blamed my creative mind-set. I’m beginning to realize, however, that it’s not so much about creative, as it’s a true longing to find what God has in store for me and how I can share it with others. It’s a feeling of urgency. A feeling that is constantly pushing me to learn more, share more, and be more.

“When you look for something more, it can feel as though you are on a constant search for an ideal. (AMEN!) You can picture what perfection looks like or tastes like or feels like or sounds like, but you can see that what is in your life now does not line up with perfection. So you are always on the hunt. In the end you are always dissatisfied with what you have because perfection can never be found.” (page 4)

This short paragraph spoke volumes to me. So did the one that followed.

“There is so much more to life than what you think.” At it’s core, life is not about getting things. Or finding yourself. Or about any of the quests you often hear of people pursuing. Rather, the answer to life’s longings is found in the true person and work of Jesus Christ.” (page 8)

I think the older I get, the more restless I become. I wonder if I’m doing what God wants me to do. I have began to see my life as the “second half”. (I will be 40 next year!) I want to see a better tomorrow for my children and wonder what I can do to  make that happen. I pray that I will make a difference in the lives of those around me. All this “wondering” makes my heart anxious and restless. Sometimes I feel like those mountain climbers. I’m no longer climbing this mountain called LIFE for the sheer joy. I’m climbing because I’m searching for a purpose. Are you a mountain climber too?

Are you restless? Do you long for more?


Please comment on the following questions in the Comment section below:

1.) Have you ever seen an instance where people undertake a certain activity (perhaps with great passion) because there’s an unmistakable longing in their inner lives? Have you? Describe what that was like.

2.) Jonathan talked about how his faith began to get real for him when he discovered that there was “another step to his faith journey beyond praying a prayer or going to church or identifying (himself) as belonging to a particular group.” What was that additional step? Have you experienced something similar in your own life?

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9 Responses to When You Want Something More-Chapter 1

  1. Tammie says:

    Yes for myself, nothing seems to fulfill me, I have tried many things to keep busy, two keep my mind busy, but I still have a longing for something, and I know that something is Jesus , I just know it is.

  2. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    1. I am guilty of looking forward to the next fun new “event” in my life, whether it’s the next trip, clinic, or another event, and hoping that it will fulfill some emptiness in me. There is always a disappointment when the event is over, because it hasn’t filled the void that I will looking to fill.

    2. I believe the answer is that life is not about ME! I love the paragraph on Page 8 that says ” ‘There is so much more to life than you think.’ At its core, he explained, life is not about getting things. Or finding yourself. Or about any of the quests you often hear of people pursuing. Rather the answer to life’s longings is found in the true person and work of Jesus Christ.”

    We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. I am believing that is the mission that will fill our hearts emptiness – when we love our neighbors (everywhere) as Jesus does. On page 9 Jonathan says “When we become like Him, we can have an incredible impact on our communities. The longings of our hearts are satisfied.”

  3. Denise Barrow says:

    For longer than I care to admit I felt restless, always searching to find my place, my purpose here on earth. Finally I gave in to my hearts longing and started really riding again. The back of a horse is the only place I have ever felt whole. I am still restless I know God didn’t bless me with the talent of workin with young and troubled horses for my own enjoyment I know that I am supposed to use this talent to serve others. I was blessed with an amazing Aunt who talk me that the secret to life is serving others. She would visit the sick and elderly and even go to a strangers funeral when she knew there wouldn’t be alot of people in attendance. Through this bible study I hope to start opening my heart to Christ and discover what he has planned for me.

  4. Karenlee says:

    I believe that his explanation to why we are restless is because we are trying to do most (maybe all things) in our own strength, knowledge. We are not relying on Jesus. His timing, His plan in the particular thing we are pursuing. Usually because we feel He doesn’t answer as quick as we would like. To me this is guaranteed failure at some point.
    I and other church group people have with many projects, chased them down whole-heartedly in the Lord’s name believing we were all doing the right thing…only to be disappointed in the end. So we moved on to another & another looking for something that made us feel like we made a difference. Truth was .. Jesus wasn’t in it, it was for our satisfaction and church approval.

  5. Jackie Walsh says:

    I have been struggling with feeling unsettled and not enjoying the moment that I am in. This book came at a good time in my life, because all of what I am feeling and the chaos in my life right now is because of my lack of focus on God. I know that I am nothing with Him.

  6. Jaye Lynn Keil says:

    when I was younger I struggled with this a lot everyday was never enough there was a big hole that nothing could fill.. I now have this hole filled most of the time. for god runs my life. I am nothing without him and I can do nothing without him. seems like when things are good I tend to get carried away with myself but he pulls on the reins and gets my attention. I do have a problem sometimes about reading what he wants me to do sometimes he puts people in my life that I think he needs me to help or influence and is discouraging when I fail but then again they have free will and I do not get pushy maybe down the road they think about what I said or did and I just do not know. I have learned he has a plan and I just go with the flow where ever he takes me.

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