Be Still and Know….Stop and See….

When it comes to multitasking, woman have the corner on the ability to do more than one thing at a time, thus making us more productive. Right? After all, as wives and mothers we are often found tackling more than one problem at a time. We do laundry while loading/unloading a dishwasher, while dinner is cooking, and all the while answering questions from the kids about homework. We can tweet, make a Facebook post, and check our email all in a matter of moments on the device. Society has helped us with our mission to multitask on so many levels.

As I continue to learn about slowing down and living in the moment, I have to wonder though….is all this multitasking that we are doing making us more productive or just more distracted? As I think through my day and all that I have done, I can rarely remember a conversation or what exactly I did post on Facebook. Normally I can’t recall because I was too busy doing something else at the same time I was talking and wasn’t really listening or paying attention to what I was doing. How many important words have I missed that my kids have said? How often has my husband tried to express his love for me and I’ve missed it because I was sucked into trying to do too many things at once? How many times have I missed hearing from God because I’ve been so busy tweeting or texting?

IMG_3070I personally struggle with being still. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m going 9-0 all day – everyday. It’s been through scripture and with the help of my horses that I am learning to slow down and be still. When I’m in the presence of my horse and trying to do too many things at once, my horse soon becomes distracted, un-engaging, and down right naughty! But when I focus on what I am doing and concentrate on being in the moment, suddenly he’s there with me and we begin to read each other like a book. He pays attention to me and my body language. He senses my moods and emotions. But when my mind is running 90 to nothing, he can’t hardly stand to be around me. Horses are so very intuitive and they live moment to moment. If I pay close enough attention, my horse always tell me where I’m struggling in life and if I’m too busy. What would your horse say about your life?

In my effort to slow and down, I continue to hear the verse in Psalms, “Be still and know that I am God.” (46:10 NIV) However, as mind continues to races, I think of all the ways I’m missing God in everyday moments. The Message puts the same scripture like this: Psalms 46:”8 Attention, all! See the marvels of God! He plants flowers and trees all over the earth, 9 Bans war from pole to pole, breaks all the weapons across his knee. 10 “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”  I love this! We are instructed to be still and take notice of all the marvels around us. It’s time to put down the phone, turn off the computer screen, let the laundry wait until tomorrow, and just BE STILL! Be still and savor moments. Be still and savor time. Be still and savor all the good things that surround us. And although this goes totally against the ways of the world and the feelings of being productive, it is necessary. Slowing down and being still has actually improved my productivity! I am able to think about ONE thing at a time and put my full focus and attention on ONE thing. I’m learning to concentrate again! 🙂 I’ve found that when I try to do too many things, I do them poorly. When I stop and concentrate on one thing at a time my productivity improves as well as my quality of work.

be stillThis necklace is available at;


“Staying productive is good. But busyness robs us of the gift right in front of us. It distracts us from the most important things in life and often steals our joy.” ~Jeff Goins


Today I’d like for you to grab a pen and your journal or notepad:

1.) Put your cell phone down, turn off the computer screen, and just be still. Take a few minutes to think of the good things in your life and jot them down. How often do you miss the good things because you are so  busy?

2.) The next time someone speaks to you, stop what you’re doing and look them in the eyes. Listen to what they are saying. Don’t you feel more connected when you stop what you’re doing and just listen?

3.) Jot down some of the common distractions you face during your day. What can you do to avoid those distractions and focus on one thing at a time?

I hope as you go through your day, you will take a few moment through out and just be still. In the comment below, I’d love to hear about how just being still changed your day!

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3 Responses to Be Still and Know….Stop and See….

  1. Cassandra says:

    Wow Lisa,
    These last few days, you have really hit home with a lot of important things in life. Living in the moment and being still!!! My horse knows exactly when I am busy thinking about all the other tasks at hand and when I am really being in the moment with her. She blows me off and does what she wants to do which is usually grabbing at some hay or wanting to go back to the trailer.

    • Cassandra- Amen! It’s amazing how our horses look for leadership and when we are busy with the distractions of life, they will become the leader they are looking for! I hope you are encouraged to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. You’re horse (and your family) will thank you!

  2. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    I went to the horse pen to pull some weeds before mowing and my mare came and stood over me. I love to feel her breath on my neck and feel her nose on my head. I really enjoyed soaking in the time being still with her and enjoying the time where nothing was required of either of us.

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