Stay Longer~Breathe Deeper

The questionnaireI rack my brain almost daily trying to make lists. I make lists of things we need from the grocery store, a list for Orscheln’s, a list of things that need done in the house and a list of things that need done in the barn. Often as the day goes on, the list grows and the check marks take their rightful place down the side of the paper. Life can become such a “to-do-list” that it simply becomes one task after another.

When we first got horses, I dove in head first! The Parelli program seemed to be a good fit for me, as I’m a very goal oriented person. (The Parelli program is a systematic horse training program made up of Levels.) It was exciting for me to check off each new skill I learned/taught my horse and we soon sailed through Level One. However…eventually, it became all about the task and the ability to check it off, much like the lists I create on an almost daily basis. It didn’t take long and me AND my horse were dreading our time together simply because I’d lost the ability to stay longer and breathe deeper. I became so fixed on the outcome, I no longer enjoyed the moment. Now that I am riding young horses, the whole thought stay longer~breathe deeper has become vital to my riding. It’s so easy to get caught up in a Futurity deadline or a Derby deadline. And if I’m not careful, I find myself just placing check marks on my “to-do-list” again…

I find that check lists are often created in an in-between time. It can be an in-between part of the day or an in-between part of life. I often find myself creating a list of things to do when I’m not sure exactly what to do…can you relate? Lists can be an easy way for us to work through the times in life when we aren’t really sure where we are going or while we are waiting for the next big thing.

Let’s be honest, life can just be hard. Waiting is hard. Check lists can be hard. However, when we are in an in-between time, or a waiting time, it’s easy to look back to when things were good or want to press ahead. As I work through a waiting time in my own life, I’m learning that it’s this time that I must learn to cherish and not just check off. It’s in the waiting that I am growing and changing. I’m beginning to think that God allows the in-between times in our lives not to simply check off, but to help us learn to stay longer~breate deeper.

Slowing down can be hard, but today I want you to:


Take time to realize that;

1.) You never know what tomorrow will bring. Today may be all you have.

2.) Think about the end of your life. When you let life move at lightening speed, do you really want to get to the end and wonder where all the time went?

3.) Think about the frustration you feel and then think about how that very frustration could turn into a very beautiful moment.

4.) Write these thoughts or observations about yourself in a journal so you can reflect on them often.

Take some time to just enjoy today. Stay longer….breathe deeper….


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6 Responses to Stay Longer~Breathe Deeper

  1. Lisa Moore says:

    Thank you for the reminder, I too have the issue of focusing so hard on the end product that I forget to enjoy the moment. I remember when the Lord starting impressing on me that the person was more important than the project! Wow, what a wake up call for me. He started showing me that when my all of my focus and energy was directed at the end result I swept over people’s emotions and ended up hurting the people that I loved. I appreciate your reality check today, it’s funny how I can learn such a valuable lesson and lose it slowly with time. I also appreciate the Lord bringing his body together to remind us of what He wants us to remember.
    Thank you for finding the the Bible Study……….even though I didn’t post much I was participating at home. You found one of the best studies I have ever gone through, I appreciate your looking for that one and……….for the next one. I’m excited about what you will find.

    • Lisa~Thank you so much for your words! I appreciate them very much! I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t wonder if anyone was reading my study! 🙂 God is good and he’s always faithful. I’m so glad you found this page. I look forward to you coming back often and gleaning much from what I write. Hugs to you!

  2. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    I’m a list maker too. The more I check off on my list, the more I feel I’ve accomplished. When I’m going through my list – it’s usually a list of necessary things I need to do, but they may not be what God wants me doing. So – I wonder who I’m checking off the list for? I guess I try to validate my worth for the day by how many things I get accomplished. That’s a pretty poor way to spend a day – especially since most things on my list aren’t noticed by others, and I would be the one that would be wanting the items done – not others. Sounds like I’ve been saying “yes” to me and not to God. OW!

    • Oh Karen! I think God broke the mold after he created you and I! 🙂 I also have based my worth on what I’ve done. However, God is really teaching me to slow down and enjoys time…I think he’s nudging you too! 🙂

      • Karen Eklund ;) says:

        Well, if God would send us a list – we could get r done! You are so right though – he’s nudging me to change. The last bible study – saying YES to God has made such a difference in my life. I’m trying real hard to LISTEN to God and not make my lists. : )

      • Haha!! So glad you are enjoying it! Me too!

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