Stop and Smell the Horses…

It’s Monday and I’m sitting here wondering where the weekend went. Are you? I had two days to spend with the kids and get things ready for the week. Maybe ride a horse or two. Where did all that time go? I sit here this morning, out of breath as if I’ve run a marathon. I look around my house and my mind runs like a herd of wild horses trying to figure out how I’m going to get it all done today. I hear the phone ringing and see that I have a new text on my phone. And then it happens….I stop and take a deep breath…I close my eyes and take in the smells of the outdoors. The smell of hay and horses…the smell of dirt and fresh-cut grass…and my whole inside does this strange thing…it begins to relax…

chexy 1

I’m learning that life is not an emergency. It’s not a race or competition of some sort. Life should not be measured by the breaths we take (especially those when we are so out of breath from trying to do it all). It should be measured by the moments that take our breath away.

As my children grow up, it’s easy to count all of the “I wish I’d…” times over the past several years. I wish I would have held them longer. I wish I would have read more books. I wish I would have taken them more places. I wish I would have told them “I love you” more. I watch my husband grow older each year and have to wonder how our lives could have been different if I’d only…. It’s been my horses too that have helped me learn to slow down and take time. You can’t rush what you want to last. (with horses, husbands, or kids!) And sometimes I’m just in such a hurry to get to the next thing or the next place. I’m always busy trying to create the next idea. But here’s the reality; In the rush to get to the next thing, I realize that the moment I’m in ends. The very best stuff life has to offer, happens in the “now”. These “moments” have GOT to count. Because they are all I get. And I need to learn to make them count. How about you?

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Find 15 minutes in your day in a quiet place with something to write on.

1.) Stop and look around you.

2.) Make a mental note of all you see, smell, and hear. If you reach your hand forward, what would you touch?

3.) Pray that God will begin to show you the things you are missing.

4.) Write. Write down the things you see and what you noticed.

5.) As you continue through life, carry your list (if you can) as a reminder. When you think of your list say a quick “thank you” for each thing you wrote.

While these exercises sound easy enough, the idea is to help you slow down and appreciate the things you often miss. Take time to notice the little things. “They are not distractions from life; they are life itself. Let’s not forget or rush through them on our way to the next big accomplishment.” ~Jeff Goins

In the comment section below, tell me what you noticed in your quiet time….

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One Response to Stop and Smell the Horses…

  1. Rachel Haberman says:

    Thank you Lisa! This was a good reminder.

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