Chapter 9~Radically Blessed

children runningWhen I was in grade school, my classmates and I would play a game called Red Light Green Light on the playground at school. Someone would yell “Red Light”, and we’d all stop running. Then they would yell “Green Light”, and we’d all run like crazy. I can’t really remember what the point to the game was, but we played it. A lot.

As this chapter opened, Lysa conveyed her story about a traffic light that has both a red light and a green light on. As she approached the intersection where the light was, she was confused and felt the danger of the intersection. Once through, Lysa describes how God showed her a visual picture of what it’s like when we are indecisive in our obedience to Him. “We can’t seek to follow God wholeheartedly if part of our heart is being pulled in a different direction. We can’t pursue the radically obedient life and still continue to flirt with disobedience in certain areas of our life. We can’t be both red and green toward God at the same time. It gets us nowhere. It’s confusing. It’s dangerous.” (pg. 141)

I have to admit…I had to read and re-read this paragraph more than once. I can’t evenlight begin to count the number of times I’ve been red and green in my obedience toward God. But what really got to me was the pages that followed the first in this chapter.

As we continued to read, Lysa invites us on this incredible journey of radical obedience. She’s very blunt about the fact that it won’t be easy, but assures us of how rewarding it will be. Maybe like you, my mind began to come up with question after question as to just HOW I’m going to do this whole-radical obedience thing. “What if I mess up?”  “What if I make the wrong decision?”  “What if I think I hear God’s voice, but I really don’t?”  “What if I just don’t feel like being obedient some days?” “What if I just CAN’T?” As these questions began to flood my mind, I continued to read and found the words, “Consider the source. That’s not your voice sowing seeds of doubt; it’s Satan’s voice. (pg. 142) Again, I found myself reading and re-reading those words. How many times have I allowed Satan’s voice of doubt keep me from moving forward? Anytime we say “Yes” to God, we can expect to hear those voices of doubt and confusion. Condemnation and insecurity. And in those times, we have to stand on the truth that Christ’s power is made PERFECT in our WEAKNESS! I wouldn’t need to be radically obedient if I was perfect, would I? It’s in those questions, in those times of weakness that Christ’s power within us is made perfect! (2 Corinthians 12:9) God knows we can’t be radically obedient without him. That’s the beauty of it all.

Another part of this chapter that stirred my heart was when Lysa wrote; “Some people spend their whole lives chasing things they think will make them feel accepted and significant. But the truth is this world only has packages full of empty promises to offer…In contrast, every investment we make into our relationship with God will only serve to reap rich dividends for now and eternity. No time spent experiencing God will ever be a waste.” (pg. 144)  As we struggle to schedule our time each day, we MUST realize this to be true! It goes against almost every grain of the world, but it’s truly not about NOW. It’s about eternity! It’s not about chasing acceptance and significance today. God’s picture is so much bigger!

intersectionSo Ladies, it looks like in the end we have a choice. We can come to this intersection of life and pull over and wait. We can choose to see a red light and say “No”. OR we can see the green light shining and move forward by saying “YES”! Just like running on the playground in grade school, I must decide whether to yell “RED LIGHT” or “GREEN LIGHT”.  Radical Obedience won’t be easy. BUT it WILL be worth it. Are you with me?

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