Until Next Week….

I want to let you all know that I’ve been asked to speak at a camp tomorrow & Thursday for some girls that are in rehab. It’s a wonderful Christan Rehab Center, and I feel blessed to have been asked. I will be sharing how God has changed my life through my horses in the areas of trust, love, and forgiveness. I will not be posting tomorrow because I will be driving, so we will pick up next Wednesday with Chapter 6! Please pray for me, my family, safe travels, for God’s words to be spoken, and that these girls will hear the message I feel God wants me to share. Thank you Friends! I appreciate your prayers! (Did I mention that You Never Know How God Will Use You? 🙂  )


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3 Responses to Until Next Week….

  1. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    Praying for you and yours, Lisa. What a great God given opportunity! Can’t wait to hear how God uses you.

  2. Lisa Moore says:

    Thank you for being a vessel to the broken…..I was once one of those ladies going through rehab! Only the Lord knows what we need in those broken places and I am thankful that your message is His message, to them. I pray that they will receive living water for the desert of their hearts through you; opening your mouth, your heart and your life to them. You have been a vessel of healing for me, in this stage of the brokenness that the Lord is working on in my heart, thank you. Addiction lies to us and tells us we are never enough, we need to put the mask on to be accepted and that we are unworthy of people accepting us just like we are. Thank you for the Bible Study Reins for Renewal, we all need to receive the truth that the Lord has given to you. I am receiving the truth that I am not a performance, but I am in a relationship, thank you and thank the Lord for your willingness to be open and transparent.

  3. chisumqtrhorses@aol.com says:

    Great news, be safe and may the good Lord wrap his arms around you and yours!

    Have a great day! Bob n Pat Chisum Quarter Horses

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