Chapter 5~What Keeps Us From Saying YES to God

dancingI hear those voices. The ones that dance through my head. One voice says, “You’ll never be good enough.” Another voice says, “You’re worthless.” Still another says, “They will never accept you like you are. You’ve got to change.” At night I hear the one that says, “You should have done more today. Worked harder. What is wrong with you?” Do you hear them too? They dance around in my mind connecting their words like feet connect steps in a ballet. However, when I find myself relying on God, instead of the praise or condemnation of others, I am suddenly in step with Him. And we dance. And he holds me close and we dance. We dance through life together, leaping over the hard stuff. We twirl around the mean words others say, and focus on each other as we go. As I learn to dance with my eyes locked on his, suddenly life isn’t so hard, because I’m following HIS lead….and all the sudden the empty places in my life are being filled and the voices go away…..all the sudden it’s not about my performance….

“It’s not about performance. It’s about relationship.” ~Wise words from Pastor Ryan Webster, First Assembly of God, Larned, KS.  These words have taken root in my heart. God is not impressed by what we can DO for him. He’s more interested in our relationship WITH him. He’s standing there holding out his hand asking us to dance….I’m learning that while my competitive nature seeks to perform, it’s not the performance that fills my heart. It’s the relationship! And when I focus on the relationship, life becomes a dance instead of me trying to impress him with what I can DO. “Saying yes to God is a lot more about being than doing. It is choosing who I will worship and then depending on God to give me the strength to follow through.” (pg. 86) (This principle applies in life with our horses too!)

Lysa reminded us in this chapter that we tend to sense empty places in life when, “…the busyness of life has crowded out my quiet time with Jesus. When I have not spent enough time allowing the Lord to refuel and refill me, I forget that this is not my real home. When my soul gets down, these places can be distracting and difficult. And sometimes the reality is we feel hurt and discouraged.” Can any of you relate?

As we work our way through this book, I’m being convicted about how I spend my time. You? It’s amazing how we find time to do the things we want to do……

In the comment section below, please share how/when you make time to read your Bible, pray, and/or worship. Have you been convicted about your time? If so, what steps do you plan to take toward changing your schedule?

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3 Responses to Chapter 5~What Keeps Us From Saying YES to God

  1. Rochelle says:

    OK. So I thought I was doing good with making time… Mostly just through reading this book and responding/being an active participant in this study. This is my religious outlet right now and what I am using “to get back into it” so to speak. Last chapter, I felt nothing–as in nothing to say. I got caught up in the holiday and the company (had 5 people at my house in addition to my 4). I got lost in my procrastination of my homework and its pressing due dates. I was disappointed that I couldn’t swing an “A” in my last class… now I am accepting that I didn’t do “A” work so why would I deserve one! Anyway, as my company left and my homework is caught up, I spent some time reconnecting in the book (playing catch up). As convicted as I was in the beginning with dedicating time to this, and other duties, I find it easy to get lost and fall behind. To change my schedule, I am hoping to pay attention to due dates with my schoolwork and plan to work on it during nap time on my days off. On the days I work, I plan to spend attentive time with the kiddos until their bedtime, and then focus on connecting with this book and time with my husband. Sounds easy on paper, but it hasn’t been going that way…. so I need to start over and try again. As far as prayer and worship is concerned, I am really trying to listen through this group and our reading. In this moment, I am not feeling it on my own.

    • Sherrie says:

      I’m behind with the reading, but I’ve tried to keep up with the comments. For me, the best time for me to find study time is during my morning walks. When I walk, I pray and talk to The Lord. I give thanks for all that He has blessed me with. I pray for relatives, friends, etc. I ask for His guidance, forgiveness, and His love and mercy. I pray for my family….husband and two kids. I pray for my animals and for my relationship with my horse. Before I know it, my walk is over. But…..I feel “prepared” for the day. This seems to be a start for me and it’s becoming a “good habit.” Maybe you could start with something simple like I have. Good luck!

  2. Lisa Moore says:

    I have been caught up in the reality of trying to”fit in” this study, chapters behind the group, trying to get myself to catch up, but I find myself reading just what I need for that day. It seems as if everything has been going at such a fast pace and I’m not able to get in the groove! I have decided that I’m going to quit trying to ‘perfect’ my time in this study! I am determined to take it in small bites, as I grab at it every chance that I get. In fact I’m starting to appreciate that the word of God is living and active, and even if I only have taken 10 minutes to grab a snack from the wisdom written by Lisa and the word the Lord has connected, I can chew on it through out my day. I am thankful that the Lord is using my lack of perfection in how well I am doing in the study, to highlight the word that Lisa keeps focusing on. I am not a performance, I have a relationship. I really want to get that down deep in my heart.

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