Chapter 2~Hearing God’s Voice

Chowdie 14As I sit and write this morning, again I am humbled by the ever pressence of God and his timing. I will be leaving in a few hours for a trip I’m not sure I feel qualified to be going on. When Lysa described her feelings about writing a book, (pg. 32) I was nodding my head saying to myself, “Yes….Yes…Yes.” Excitment for new adventure, driving, traveling with horses, and meeting people always stirs me. However, when I stop and think about what I’m responsible for sharing, the task can seem very beyond me. I am leaving today for Montana to do a 2 day clinic. There are 12 participants signed up and eager to learn how to improve their horsemanship and reining fundametals. I’ve dreamt on more than one occassion about an adventure like this. I’m excited to be going, but am learning to say “Yes” to God in the process. After all, the experience is not about me. It’s not about anything I’ve done with or without a horse. For me, it’s about being called to a place and speaking truth into the lives of those who attend. It’s helping them see, feel, and know that our horses reflect so much of us and that as they struggle to find the answers they desire with their horses, often they are struggling to find similiar answers in their lives. It’s always amazing to see how God uses the time in a clinic to speak to the women he loves so much. It’s even more incredible that he will speak to us through something we love so much-our horse.

In this chapter, Lysa did an incredible job of writing about the 5-Question Filter. This is an amazing way for us to decide whether we are hearing God or if we are just hearing things! 🙂  Many folks have asked the question, “How will I know if it’s God?” Lysa’s 5-Question Filter is a great way (and biblical way) to answer that question!

1. Does what I’m hearing line up with Scripture?

2. Is it consistent wtih God’s character?

3. Is it being confirmed through messages I’m hearing at church or studying in my quiet time?

4. Is it beyond me?

5. Woud it please God?

In the comment section below, answer:

Have you struggled with hearing Him? How has this 5-Question Filter helped you?

In The Message, Romans 9:25-26 says, “Hosea put it well: I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved. In the place where they yell out, “You’re nobody!”, they’re call you “God’s living children”.  Another line I like is; God doesn’t always call the qualified. He qualifies the Called.

Facebook pic 60

As you venture through the rest of your week, would you kindly pray for me? I’d appreciate prayers of protection for me, my husband and horses. Also for my family. I pray that God will open doors and open hearts too. ~Thank you Ladies! God hears our prayers!

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10 Responses to Chapter 2~Hearing God’s Voice

  1. I find that when I’m struggling to hear from Him, I realize that it’s ME and my lack of time for HIM as the reason why I’m not feeling His presence in my life. Usually it takes something like #3, something being confirmed thru multiple means, for me to wake up and say “oh yeah, I get it now!” (Facepalm) 😉 I just love how He continues to pursue us!
    Just want you to know that I’m praying for your travels and your time in MT. I grew up in MT and spend a couple of weeks back “home” every summer. Wish I could make your clinic! May the Lord work mightily thru you, dear one!
    ~Susan Pearson

  2. Rochelle says:

    OK. So this 5 question filter is pretty good. I have struggled in the past and questioned if it was really Him speaking or if I was making things up in my head. Sometimes I think if it was good, I would question if He would really say it or not. I wonder if I question the good more than the bad as an insecurity in myself making the right decisions. I am sure He backs me on the good stuff too though. Maybe it is also a challenge from Him to pursue the things I want when He gives me the validation on the thought or action. That said, the 5 questions are a great qualifier. I also think depending on what I think I am hearing, I can read into the questions or over-analyze that too! How do I know if His character agrees with what I want or if it pleases Him? AND what if it has absolutely nothing to do with Scripture (that I know of)? I do not think that everything I question is a call from God, however, if I include Him in my life and decisions, I think I have a better idea.Sometimes it is easy for me to get so caught up in what I am doing or think I am doing that I am constantly asking “What do I do?” or “What should I do?” that I quit listening for answers and just mope around not knowing what to do!!! It is so easy to be so involved and busy. I think the first step is to quiet my mind and take a step back, and perhaps asking the 5 questions would force me to do that.
    Wish I could make it to the clinic… My husband is not ready for 2 kiddos for that long and is not too supportive of my horse ventures anyway. Hope you come back to Montana sometime when I can make it! Good luck.

  3. kareneklund says:

    I loved Lysa’s 5 question filter. I have remembered to use it this week and it really helps. I have the hardest time wondering if I am hearing God or if I am hearing myself, so this filter will help me a lot.
    I wish I were in Montana at your clinic. I love your description of how God uses you and women and their horses. What a great ministry! Praying for you and yours, and for the ladies in your clinic.

    • Karen-thanks so much for your prayers! Montana is the most beautiful place in the world! Wow! God is so awesome. The mountains are so beautiful! The ladies are great. I’m feeling very blessed.

  4. Lisa Moore says:

    How often I have wondered if it’s the Lords voice speaking to me,………. or me, or……my fears??? I really appreciate a way to filter through all of the voices Lysa. I’m also thankful for you bringing this topic up, it seems it’s a point that a lot of Christians have in common.
    One prayer that has helped me over and over is one that my Pastor told me. The prayer is that if a thing is on my mind and/or heart, and it is the Lord’s leading, that it will continue and get stronger, but if it is not His leading, it will fade away. I can’t tell you how many times I have been amazed at the answer. The Lord is faithful to us and I love how He can make things clear even when they were mud a minute ago!!! 🙂
    What a blessing for those in Montana who are going to the clinic and for you, a messenger of our Lord Jesus. I pray that you will bear much fruit for the kingdom.

  5. Diane Noble-Wynegar says:

    The 5 question filter is an awesome tool…I also use the theory that Lisa Moore uses…that if it comes from God it will become stronger and if not, it’s just an idea in my head. I think this also teaches patience. My favorite saying is that “if you’re not sure don’t do anything” God will make it right in your head and then you will be sure.
    I am struggling with my ex-daughter-in-law (ya, you read that right). Our grandson was born with a genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis. He has tiny tumors in major organs. (heart, brain, kidneys, etc) He is 4 1/2 and is a perfectly normal four year old. All boy! His mom isn’t a Christian, I don’t believe she has any faith at all. She has resisted going to church with us. She has chosen to completely make her life about this situation, which makes it seem worse than it is. Please pray for her heart to be open to a life with Christ. I am listening for God to guide me to the right moment/situation to share with her.
    On a lighter note! I am loving this study! I am enjoying the pics from your trip to Montana. What a lucky group to have the weekend to ride, rein, and worship with you!

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