She Laughs at the Future without Fear

How many of you are feeling this way this morning? Is this what happens when Women say YES to God?


Thank you KLOVE radio for sharing this!

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4 Responses to She Laughs at the Future without Fear

  1. Lisa Moore says:

    I don’t know about laughing at fear…..but at least I’m not as bad about shrinking back from fear as I used to be. We had some high winds on Monday night, after a storm had passed through our area. It was the night that I have “scheduled” into my week that I have determined to ride my horse and the weather was not cooperating. My old thinking said, “great, I won’t go out and I can sit down and kick my feet up”!!! I have used this excuse to not face my fear of riding my young horse, Sampson. Fear was running the show!!!! Any progress I wanted to make in my riding and my time with Sam was delayed if an excuse came up and I was feeling off. But the Lord has been changing this desire, and I realized Monday night that I had the option of using this experience of the high winds to help desensitize Sam to the blowing objects and howling of the wind. The Lord gave me the courage and desire to face my fear of how Sam might react to the weather. HALLELUJAH….. God is bigger than my fear, and He gave me the grace and the wisdom to take Sam through the paces IN THE WIND AND THE SOUNDS AND THE FLYING STUFF….The Lord showed me that His grace is available in the midst of the fear. At the end of the night Sam and I both benefited from me choosing to face my fear. He was a gentleman throughout the entire process and we both grew up a little!

    • Karen Eklund ;) says:

      Lisa, I used to make up the same excuses and made many delays to avoid spending time with my horse, because it boiled down to me being afraid. I’m so glad you are breaking through that fear! You’ll have a better relationship with Sampson and with God! Way to go!!

  2. Rochelle says:

    I completely understand this. I have had some bad experiences riding in the wind. It got to the point where I was a fair weather rider and was very reluctant and fearful to ride in the wind… I went through a period in my life where I had no horses, or access. Now that they are back in my life, the desire to ride is greater than the wind. Sometimes, the only time I have availability to ride is on days with poor weather, and I don’t want to miss my chance! Of course, now I have been blessed with a gelding who is not phased by wind or scary objects. Perhaps it is me who is scared of wind, and he is here to help me be confident again. Regardless of my apprehension, it is nice to end the ride at peace.
    That said, I am not laughing without fear, but I know that I am strong and can make it through the trials I am facing at this time in my life, horse or non-horse related.

    • Karen Eklund ;) says:

      Hello Rochelle, I am so impressed that you are riding at peace! It is hard to regain your confidence after a bad experience. I’m so glad you are blessed with a gelding that will help you enjoy the gift of growing confidence and a peaceful ride and relationship. 😉

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