Scared To Death-Fear of Life’s Final Moments

cemetaryI have to be honest. Death isn’t really something I sit around and think about. I mean, on occasion, I wonder about it. But it’s definitely not something I dwell on.

I guess I’ve never been afraid of dying. Since I was a child, my Mother & Father taught me about Jesus and his resurrection. Church has played a big part in my life, and I guess I’ve always known that I’m saved and will spend eternity with Jesus. It’s not me dying that I think about….it’s those around me.

I have to admit, when it comes to death, I’m more afraid of being left here with my children and no husband. Doug is several years older than I am, and barring some tragic situation, odds are, he will be gone before me. It’s not a pleasant thought. I don’t want to raise children alone, and I don’t want to live life by myself. However, that said, I am growing more and more sure that the Father who created me will continue to love me and provide for me with-or without-a husband.  I also beg God to save me from ever having to bury a child. I can not imagine the pain. But again, I know that with HIS help and strength, I would learn to go on.

The older I get, the more sure I am of his presence in my life. He’s never left me. He was there for me the day I was born, and I’m sure he will be there waiting for me the day I die.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me….I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.” ~John 14:1

 How do you feel about death? Are you afraid?

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5 Responses to Scared To Death-Fear of Life’s Final Moments

  1. Denise Knudtson says:

    I am afraid of how I might die, not necessarily of death itself. Being a Christian, I do believe I will go to Heaven. It is a pleasant thought and I look forward to some day seeing loved-ones that have gone before me, but it scares me to think of death. I also fear the death of someone I love.

    About a year ago, my husband and I made a huge move from Kansas to Washington State. My 88 year old Dad and most of my family reside in Wichita, plus I had developed strong friendships over the years and loved the horse-friends I had made. I actually am still experiencing mourning, due to the “loss” of those that are important to me.. We can all still have contact, but it’s not the same. So, I liken this feeling to what it feels like when someone you love dies. I miss them and I feel sad for the ones who miss me.

    I have to believe God moved us for a reason. I will say, “I have a friend in Jesus” and truly feel this. I have grown spiritually stronger due to this hardship. I desire to live closer to God now and am in two Bible Studies at church, in addition to this one on-line. One of the church Bible Studies is on Fear too, so I really feel that God is wanting me to live fearlessly!

  2. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    I know in my heart I will go to heaven when I die, but I’m not looking forward to the process of dying. I really hope that I get to be one of those people that dies in their sleep. I don’t like pain, so I’m hoping to escape that on my journey from this life to heaven! The idea of a car crash or serious illness (cancer to be exact) scares me.

    I loved page 119 “Weddings are great news! So, says Jesus, are burials. Both celebrate a new era, name and home. In both,the groom walks the bride away on his arm. Jesus is your coming groom. ‘I will come and get you…’ He will meet you at the alter. Your final glimpse of life will trigger your first glimpse of him.” WOW, how can we dread that?!

    I love to read about heaven in the bible. I can’t wait to see a new heaven and new earth and all of creation too! I love this earth that God created, so I can’t imagine an even more perfect new heaven and earth. I’m anxious for that new house Jesus is building too. ; )

  3. Jaye Keil says:

    I too am not afraid to die and can not wait for the lord to come I am eager to see the new earth where peace and justice rein. I have lost a dearly loved father and 2 younger brothers and to be honest when I lost my first brother I was very angry with God and did not speak to him for 13 years He was kind and let me find my way back to him and I have to say it was a hard journey but one I had to make. Though I was mad at God I can look back and know he was walking with me on that journey.Now when I grieve I do so for myself and not for the ones that have gone before me for I know where they are and I must carry on learning and doing Gods work till he calls me home.

  4. Pat says:

    It seems the older I get the more time I spend thinking about death. When I was younger, there weren’t a lot of people close to me dying. Now my grandparents have all passed away, my father died, and I find myself having death cross my path more and more. I realize it has to do with getting older and part of it is a natural progression, but I fear that I dwell on it too much sometimes. I don’t think I am afraid, but I also realize there is nothing I can do about it. I am comforted by the fact there is a God and I believe I am going to a better place, however, I believe we all are going to a better place. I believe in the goodness of the Lord and in his mercy, and I believe we all will be forgiven……………….in time!

  5. jevans44 says:

    I don’t fear what comes after death. I fear the process of dying. No one wants to die with physical agony. (I am a chicken about physical pain). That part scares me, and I don’t dwell upon it. And there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

    When I do think of it, I remind myself that if my time of death draws near and it is painful, Jesus will help me through it. After all, He died in physical agony, so He knows what it is all about. He will help me through it just like He has helped me through everything else in my life.

    And He will have a purpose in how I die, so there is no point dwelling on it. I will leave it to Him and not fret on it.

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