Make-Believe Money

money 2I often joke around with my husband saying, “You’re a Farmer! Why haven’t you figured out how to grow a money tree?” I’ve often told my children, “Honey, No. Money doesn’t grow on trees. We can’t get that today.”

Have you ever wished money grew on trees? Have you dreamt in detail how you would spend your money if it did? If  I had a money tree I would pay bills, buy a bigger house, a truck & trailer, better horses, build an indoor arena, and shop for the hubby. I’d give to the poor and hope that I could make a difference in someone’s life. HOWEVER, every time I dream of that tree and all the money it would grow, I also find myself dreaming of things that would benefit me.  How about you? Do you ever dream of having a money tree?

This chapter was a challenge for me in a great sort of way! I’ve been struggling with the concept of money and lack of it I currently have. I have days when I’m just down right depressed because I can only dream of the things I want to go do, but can’t because I simply don’t have the funds. I’ve cut back, changed the way I do things, and while it helps, it’s just not enough to make up the difference. I’m as guilty of wanting money so that I can enjoy life as the rich fool in the Bible. My error? Just like the fool in the parable, I have to humbly admit, my plans have not always included God. (Wow-that’s hard to type….) Go to Luke 12:16-21 to read the parable.

“Jesus criticized the man’s affluence but his arrogance, not the presence of personal goals (which I have many), but the absence of God in those goals.” Does this statement resonate with anyone else but me?Talk about a kick in the pants….

This chapter definitely makes me step back and look at my motives. And my heart. And to me, it’s not all about money. God wants us to trust him with our time, our destination, our families, and the provision that HE has for us.

How did this chapter apply to you? I can’t wait to hear your comments!

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3 Responses to Make-Believe Money

  1. Karen Eklund ;) says:

    I think this is one of the chapters that I’d like to take out of the book! I have been struggling with my selfishness and excesses for over a year, and am trying to make changes in my lifestyle and habits. When I think about the poor conditions many people live in (no running water, air conditioning, heat, food) I feel really guilty for thinking of buying, or spending money on yet ANOTHER paid of brown shoes for work or ANOTHER shirt to cram in my overcrowded closed. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “stuff” of our culture that brings no real satisfaction and certainly no rewards over eternity.

    I loved the example of the Monopoly game winner. What a great example to get the understanding across that money and property in this world is worthless and short lived and it all goes “back in the box at the end of the game”. Puts a new perspective on things.

    I am also guilty of finding security in having a bank balance that is in the black. I KNOW God can take care of me, but it sure is nice to have some money in the bank that I can use to pay the bills and buy groceries with. Striking a balance is the key and it’s hard to find the balance of how much is enough. I want to learn to use everything I have for the plan God has in my life.

    • Karen Eklund ;) says:

      I forgot to add that I really feel this summed up the chapter “Less hoarding, more sharing. ‘Do good…be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share.’ ” The world would be a better place if we would do these things, and I’m betting our Father would be pleased with us if we did them also.

  2. Denise Knudtson says:

    “Money is the root of all evil,” is a saying I’ve heard most of my life. It’s what people do with it and what they do when they’re without it that causes problems. Unfortunately, we need money to live in this world. I agree with Karen on needing to find a balance. Give some, spend some, save some… Through God, we have the ability to do just that. By putting Him first and trusting in Him for our needs to be met, we can comfortably put money in second place and not worry.

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