Fear of Violence-This Brutal Planet

blog militaryMy stomach turned as I read this chapter. I’m so thankful that I read it this morning instead of last night. I’m afraid that “Night Fury” would have come out of the closet and kept me awake. (scroll down to read “There’s a Dragon in My Closet for more on the Night Fury)

Chapter 8 was heavy. It made my heart feel heavy and it made my mind wander to the future of our country. It didn’t help that before I read it, I hit the space bar on the computer and the first image to pop up was that of a Korean soldier and a headline “SKorea: North Korea moved missile to east coast”. Yes, our world-our planet-is in disarray. There is growing tension and concern about war. We pray for peace and wonder if we will live to see it. As a mother, my heart hurts-and fears-for my children. And their children.

“Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.”~Matthew 10:28

When we read through our Bible, we find dozens of stories where believers were tortured and treated brutality before being killed. I can read those stories and somehow in my mind think, “That happened in Bible times”. But the truth is, it is still happening today. The thought of death isn’t exactly appealing to me, and the thought of a brutal death is even less appealing. Can you relate? It’s not something I want to sit around and dwell on. However, with the news and the internet constantly “informing” us of our world’s tensions, it’s easy to get caught up in fear and wonder what is going to happen to us.

If you haven’t noticed, each chapter that we’ve read in this book, Max’s solution to our fear is always: PRAY. People, it is not enough to just know OF our Lord. We must KNOW our Lord. And the only way to get to know him and have a relationship with him, is to spend time with him. Time in his word. Time in prayer. Time sharing about what he’s done in our lives. He’s given you a story. Are you sharing it? We read about Kornfeld’s story. Can you imagine what a different outcome there might have been for Alexander Solzhenitsyn had Kornfeld not shared his story?

As we go our separate ways today, I want to encourage you to take time to PRAY. Pray for our country. Pray for the men and women who are fighting so blog pic flagthat we can log onto this page & read. (and write) Pray for those being persecuted because of Christ. Pray that God will give you courage to share the story he’s given you. Put your fears into words. Describe them. And know that the Lord above, the Creator of this world, will hear you.

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One Response to Fear of Violence-This Brutal Planet

  1. kareneklund says:

    The threat of violence really frightens me. I try to remember to pray for the enemy – that they will have a heart change and be saved. I feel that is the answer to violence – that the enemies will become our brothers and sisters and come to know Christ.

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