Fear of Overwhelming Challenges

stormAre you in the midst of a storm? Is life pouring down on you and you feel as though you are drowning? Does it feel like your ship is being tossed wrecklessly around and you are hanging on for dear life?

The hardest times in my life are when I find God to be silent and when I’ve gotten myself into a mess and can’t seem to find a way out. Storms can be anything from bad news to financial issues. I’m sure we’ve all weathered our own storms. Maybe you feel like you’re in the midst of one now. If so, I pray this chapter spoke volumes to you.

“We expect to find Jesus in morning¬†devotionals, church suppers, and meditations. We never expect to see him in a bear market, pink slip, lawsuit, foreclosure, or war. We never expect to see him in the storm. But it is in storms that he does his finest work, for it is in the storms that he has our keenest attention.” (pg. 70)

It’s easy to praise God and feel thankful when things are going well and life seems to be in order. But, I have to admit, it’s hard to praise God or even to look for him when things are hard or even down right scary. Why do you think it is, when we are hurting, scared, and not knowing where to turn, we push ourselves away from God? Why don’t we look for him?

“Whether or not storms come, we cannot choose. But where we stare during a storm, that we can.” (pg. 72)

Today, I’d like you to take a few minutes and listen to this song by Casting Crowns. I think they wrote it for today. Be encouraged and know that God has a plan for you. There are days it’s hard to understand the “why”, but remember that we serve a big God! A powerful God. A God that can calm the storm.


storm 2


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One Response to Fear of Overwhelming Challenges

  1. kareneklund says:

    Although the storms in our lives are hardest to travel through, it is the storms that cause us to grow and shows others our faith. While in the storm it is sometimes hard to remember that God works EVERYTHING for our good, even when it hurts so badly.

    I loved two things on page 76 that I need to remember: “He’s the commander of every storm. Are you scared in yours? Then stare at him” and …”Storms are not an option, but fear is”.

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