Today is March 4, the first day of our study on Max Luccado’s book, “Fearless”! You’ve come to the right place!

Because today is our first day together, I’d like for you to introduce yourself in the “comments” section under this post! If you’d like to share your name and where you are from that would be great! You can also add why you chose to do this study if you’d like!

If you’d like to know more about me, just click the tab at the top of the page that says “About”!

Please note that I will be posting each Tuesday & Thursday! Follow the reading plan the best you can! If you get behind, don’t worry! We have a week during Spring Break that you can get caught up!

Thank you again for joining me on this journey! Please know I am praying for you and whatever the Lord has for you in this study!

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32 Responses to Introductions!

  1. Kara says:

    Hi I’m Kara and I am from Hutchinson. I have heard this book is great and I am so excited to read it with a group that we can discuss and help each other grow through this. Thanks Lisa what a great idea!

  2. Sherrie Schnoebelen says:

    Good morning Lisa,

    I’m joining this study because I’ve reached a point in my life where I “want more out of life”. Not that my life isn’t good, but I think there is more to it, if I could overcome fear of change. I’ve read the first two chapters and I recognized myself in some of it. I’m looking forward to learning how to overcome my fears so I can get to the life I know I can have.

    Have a good day! Sherrie

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  3. I’m Michelle from Andover, KS. I’ve allowed fear to sneak into my life and am ready to find peace with it. I will be 50 this year and am committed to “being” not just “doing”. At this stage of life I find myself contemplating the fears of the life cycle more in my journey of raising a teenager, caring for a disabled father, leading the journey with my 5 year old blind horse and savoring every moment with my 60 something husband of 20 years. I picked up my Reins for Renewal Bible at Equifest a year ago and I believe that was probably my sign of what was coming in finding this opportunity for an online Bible Study. Yeah God!

  4. Cassandra says:

    My name is Cassandra and I am from Calhan, Colorado. I realized that fear had been a big part of my life when I got back into owning and riding horses. Fear of Falling, Fear of the unknown, fear of the “what if’s”. Then I had a heart attack Sept 2011 and that caused a different kind of fear. What if I have another one, etc….. Fear turns into anxiety and anxiousness… and that’s where I stand about now. Turning 60 was another milestone and I hope this bible study will help me to see a different way to handle this fear issue.

  5. Detra Carmichael says:

    I am from Nickerson, Kansas. Love this book!! I am not unique. I have my own fears which makes me human. 🙂 Look forward to doing this study!!

  6. Tina Glidden says:

    My name is Tina, I am from Hesperia, California. I am not sure yet as far as the reasons that I joined this group other than God put it on my heart that this is where I am supposed to be. I really enjoy the Reins for Renewal facebook page. I have ordered my book but it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully I will have it today. Looking forward to the journey.

  7. Clara Mull says:

    My name is Clara and I am from Minneapolis Ks. I joined this group because I would like a way to connected to a womens group. I farm/ranch w/my husband and a lot of days, he is the only one beside my kids that I talk to. I want to do this for “me”. I just want to interact with other women and learn more about what God wants from me. I know God gives each person a talent, but I’m just turning 49 and I have no idea what mine is. My fear is not knowing if my decisions in life are what God wants me to do or is it what I want to think God wants me to do!

    • Bonnie Dayhaw says:

      Hi Clara – nice to meet you. I am so glad you said what you did. Sometimes I think – “Lord, could you send me one burning bush so I would know for sure this is what you want me to do?” lol Its so easy to see His hand when I look back, but sometimes in the moment its a lot more difficult. Thanks for your comment, nice to know I am not alone in that thinking.

      • Bonnie~you are NOT ALONE in that thinking! I feel the same way. Sometimes I wish he’d just drop a rock from the sky and it would have directions on it! (I would say a message in a bottle-but there usually isn’t much water around here!) 🙂

    • Kim WendeKim says:

      Thanks for sharing this Clara. I too am like Bonnie thinking if God would just write on my white board so I would know this is his decision, but I know it does not work that way. 🙂

  8. My name is Julie, I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania. I saw the ad for this Bible study on facebook, and just decided to join… I don’t consider myself a fearful person, but I know that God has a plan. I’m excited to learn what He has in store for me!
    btw… I own two appaloosas, a 7 yr old named Snowman, and a 2 yr old named Leo. They are true blessings in my life! =)

  9. Jaye Lynn Keil says:

    Hi my name is Jaye and I am from Russell Kansas. Lisa has been and inspiration to me since I met her and am looking foward to studing the book with all of you. it is a great renewal of faith looking foward to talking with all of you God bless all of us on this adventure.

  10. WOW! You girls are great! I’m so humbled by your responses and am really excited about what God is going to do with each one of us! I, too, have my own set of fears…..afraid I’ll never be good enough, afraid I won’t make the right decisions, afraid I’m screwing my kids up, and afraid of where I am in life. Having 4 children (18, 15, 11, 7 yrs) is hard and there are days I just want to saddle up and be gone for awhile! 🙂 I am learning to say “Yes” to God, and that brings out fear too. (I’m afraid of what he might ask me to do or say!) That said, please know that you are welcome to email me personally if you’d like and share more. It touches my heart to know I’m not alone in my fears!~Lisa Johnson

    • Betty says:

      Hello My name is Betty and I am 61 years young and I have an arabian/appaloosa mare that is 15 years old. We do trails together, natural horsemanship, and tricks. She is my unofficial therapy horse. I have some fear issues in my life that I would like to address and see eliminated forever. Jesus is our Jehovah -Shalom and I welcome His perfect love into this area of my life. I love this book by Max Lucado – he is amazing how he opens up the scriptures to give understanding, depth and clarity. Looking forward to spending this quality time together. Blessings to y’all.

  11. Bonnie Dayhaw says:

    My name is Bonnie and I am from Wesley Chapel, FL. I am 56 years old and there is no question that the root of any hesitations and stagnation in my life has been about fear. I am happily married and have three dogs. My mother and my brother in law live on our property with us and both are a blessing. I don’t have children. I have been a Christian since 9 years old and am still growing in my faith – it seems to wax and wane for me. My best friend for 41 years, Pat, told me about this study and I am thrilled to be part of it.

    • Pat says:

      Sorry bud, I just can’t figure this out! I need to attend your clinics! Hopefully I will get it before the class is over. ly

  12. Brenda says:

    My name is Brenda I am from Wellington, Ks. I joined this bible study because I recently come in contact with Lisa and love the way she combines horse life with spirtual life. I am one that does not like changes and don’t like taking chances for fear of failure. I somtimes fear choices in life because I am never certain if it is God’s will or mine. I recently was thrown from my horse with results of a broken wrist. Certainly not a bad injury but it has planted a fear that I have not had befor with the horses. Looking forward to seeing what God has instore for me to learn and learning from the other ladies as well with their experiences.

  13. Diana Kaiser Berglund says:

    My name is Diana Berglund, I am from North Platte, NE. I learned about this bible study and Reins for renewal from a friend. I am also in two Beth Moore bible studies at church. God has put this on my heart, I want and need to learn more and be more of the person he made me to be, it is hard to let control go, I have fears also, wondering if I have made the right decisions in my life, is this the path God has wanted me to take? I am going to be 56 this month, have 2 grown children and 3 beautiful grandchildren, was married for 26 years and divorced, I live with my fiance, as I have a fear of getting married again, as he does also, I know does not approve of living this way….I pray for guidence, I need God to send me that burning bush or hit me in the head with a rock also like Bonnie and Lisa said. We live on a Ranch, raise cattle and have 16 horses. I am excited to meet all my new sisters in Christ.

  14. Jennifer Barrett says:

    Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live in Westfall, KS and work in Salina, KS. I recently began following Reins for Renewal on facebook and saw the opportunity for the Bible study. My book should be here any day and I look forward to reading it. A month ago, my husband and I purchased 2 horses after not having horses since we were in high school. And this week we close on the purchase of a farmhouse and 10 acres! We are pretty excited. Its been awhile since I’ve been involved with church and bible study so this will work out wonderfully in this transition of our lives.

    • karen eklund says:

      Welcome back to the world of bible study and horses! What an exciting time in your lives. I’m so glad your husband is joining you on this journey. Can’t wait to see your progress. Congrats on the purchase of your new home also!

  15. Pat says:

    Hi, my name is Pat and I live on a ranch in Macomb, Oklahoma. My husband, Bob and I have been married for all most 17 years, he has three grown children and I have two grown sons. Together we have eleven grandchildren (one to twenty). We breed and raise cattle and quarter horses. We also own several cats, 3 house dogs, 2 outside dogs and 3 barn dogs. I met Lisa on line with regard to a horse, of course :-))! I told my best friend, Bonnie about this group and she is on here as well. This is my first time ever doing anything like this so I am looking forward to learning and sharing.

    • Bonnie Dayhaw says:

      Nice to see you bestie. Seems like a great group – I am really looking forward to this. Glad you thought of me for this. Now off to read!

  16. karen eklund says:

    I’m Karen Eklund from Emporia, Kansas. I have loved following Lisa on face book because of her faith and love of horses and God. I really enjoy Max Lucado so I am looking forward to doing this bible study. Fear has played too big of a part of my life. I am much less fearful with my horses than in the past, but I would love to be fearLESS! Looking forward to growing with the rest of you. 😉

    • Pat says:

      Hey Karen:

      My dear horse buddy Lois lives in Eureka, KS, not too far from Emporia. We have been to Emporia shopping with her. I completey understand about the horse fear/fearful and fearless! God blessed us with 140 horses from stallions to broodmares to show horses to foals and everything in between. So fear also plays a big role in my life!

      Glad to see you here!


  17. Jackie says:

    My name is Jackie,and I live in Hillsboro, Ks on a small farm. This bible study interest me because I feel at 48 years old I have way too many fears. With my job, my horses and things in general. I sometimes wonder though if it is a confidence thing more the fear. I am hoping that I will find the answer to this question. So Excited to be part of this bible study.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer, I am from Kalamazoo Michigan. I look forward to doing this study. I have a lot of fears, failure, what people think, not being accepted and more. Great idea and can’t wait to see what God has planned with this study.

  19. Kelley says:

    Hello from “Big Buhler”, KS (actually, we’re really small!). My name is Kelley and I am anxious to do my very first online Bible study! Though I have been a Christian since my sophomore year of college at KSU and have been in several other studies, the concept of an online version intrigued me.

    I have visited with Lisa at trail rides and other horsey events and highly respect her desire to serve Christ through Reins For Renewal. She is combining her love of horses with her love of God, something I have always wanted to do yet am so stuck in status quo that I don’t venture out very far from my secure job and home to do so – welcome to my FEAR. It’s a fear of letting God be in total control rather than me! Here we go – time for a lesson on submission! KP

  20. Cindy Reeh says:

    Hello, I am Cindy and outside of Hillsboro,Ks. We have a little hobby farm have a couple of horses. I have some fear about my children and what the future holds for them and our society. It seems in my eyes that so many don’t have faith anymore and the old idea of “doing the right thing just because it is the right thing to do”. I have always had God in my heart but never really actively attended church but had the opportunity to go to cowboy church a couple of times this last year and was honestly moved and felt at home. One was at equifest and Lisa was one of the speakers. I was so moved and felt so thankful to be able to attend such a service where you could just feel Gods presence. Excited about learning more about faith and trusting God knowing that I may not understand why but to be able to say without fear that he knows best and is by my side.

  21. Teresa says:

    Hello everyone. I’m Teresa Chrisler from Natoma, KS. Looking forward to working on my many fear issues with fellow horse people.

  22. Denise Knudtson says:

    I am Denise Knudtson and I have recently moved to Lake Stevens, Washington (Still a Kansas girl at heart, though). I’ve had Max Lucado’s ‘Fearless’ book for years and have never read it. I look forward to reading this book with all of you and learning how to replace Fear with Faith. Many thanks to you, Lisa, for putting this study together!

  23. Kim Wende says:

    Hi, my name is Kim Wende I’m married and I’m located in Merkel, Tx. I have a son who is 24 years old and is in the Navy. I have 11 horses, 1 miniature donkey and 3 dogs. I joined this group because I have a fear of stepping out there and going big with my business. I too agree with what Clara mentioned of not knowing if my decisions are what God wants me to do or is my ego telling me to do it. Through this course I know I will meet other individuals that have the same fears and I look forward to working through them together. I feel strongly that God gave me the talent I have of being able to work with horses and teach women how to work with them and I want to honor him by doing this.

  24. Sue Rocker says:

    Hi.. my name is Sue and I am from Northern New York. I have joined this study because I want more of God in my life.. my passion if family and horse’s..

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